Master Key Suites

Established in 1977 Anglia Locksmiths and Safe Engineers have been creating, supplying, installing and managing master lock suites throughout the UK for over thirty years.

The master keying technique allows an individual key to be issued to open as many different locks as required and can incorporate individual pass keys, sub master keys for distinct groups of locks and grand master keys for access through all locks and doors within the master suite.

Master Key System

All of our master suites are set up on a restricted key section and so cannot be reproduced without authority from the suite manager.

From our workshops and showroom in Lowestoft we can supply a master key system to exactly meet your premises requirements from two cylinders keyed to pass up to key systems which can incorporate many hundreds of cylinders and padlocks spreading over many different sites throughout the country and beyond.


Double Oval Cylinder lockPadlock

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